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Keep You Here

B. Robinson

The painting Chelsey did for me is BREATHTAKING I couldn't find any better words to describe it!!! It is now one of  my most prized possessions


J. Collins

It is rare to meet a true angel on earth. Chelsey is the most beautiful blessing and her art is a gift. I have one of her originals and I have been blessed. It is a beautifully created combo of colors that move you.


K. Cunningham

Art is an extension of the soul. Chelsey's art IS an extension of hers. I proudly have her art hanging over my fireplace and gladly tell her story to everyone that comes to my house. It makes me smile, just as she does. 


S. Doak 

I recently purchased my first piece of artwork from Chelsey. The colors are so vibrant, but the patterns are so calming. It is an incredible combination and truly sets her art apart from others. You can really see her passion in her artwork. I am blessed to have this piece and hope I have the opportunity to add more in the future.  


H. Severson

I am lucky enough to own 2 pieces of art from Chelsey. They are both stunning and amazing. One piece she painted for me was a rustic looking church. It was literally perfect and when I received it, the colors in it matched my comforter SO PERFECTLY it was as if she did it on purpose! You can feel the love and passion in every piece she paints. I am honored to have some and to call her my friend.  


K. Frye

I received my painting today! I feel so honored and so lucky that we managed to get one since they sell so fast! We love Chelsey and her precious family and we are obsessed with her art! All of her paintings are stunning and "In Your Presence" was no different! It is a smaller size and fits beautifully on my mantle! 

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